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junker or hoarder?

OMG, we are so over the stuff!  Have one more load to bring home from the estate in San Antonio……

New goal- clear the house, garage, garage apartment and storage.. we don’t even need all this stuff.  Have the show to do during Antique Week – setting up at La Bahia this time – and then it will be sort and clean.  Hope the peeps here in Waco, are READY for the garage sale of the year!


A good friend of ours gave us the 3 box system years ago to deal with the stuff, but haven’t taken advantage of that system until now. Before you start, choose where the boxes are going when full –  Trash is easy – take it to the trash can outside or the dumpster if you live in an apartment.  The donate boxes, load up in your vehicle when full before you have a chance to change your mind.  The keep and sell boxes present a little bit more of an opportunity.  If you are doing a yard sale, you can put them in a corner of your garage or storage, until the weather allows for a sale; or if you are junkers like us, then list them online or price them and take them to the store or mall you sell in.  The keep box – this gets a little trickier.  Ideally, you should put out these items for display and enjoyment.  If you can’t decide what to do, then you should probably price it and put it in the sell box.

What you do is start somewhere – one room or space.  Have 3 boxes ( we changed it to 4 boxes), one for trash, one for donate, one for keep (Sherry always tried to get us to make that a small box).  We added a ‘sell’ box.  So that’s the basics.  Stay in the room and sort.  When you fill a box, move it to the appropriate area.  If you use this system correctly and don’t spend a lot of time reminiscing about the individual items, you can move through the rooms in a hurry.

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Antique Week Round Top Texas

Antique Week Round Top Texas
Junk Exchange will be there!

Antique vendors became aware of this wonderful sleepy little area over 40 years ago. Emma Lee Turney, Founder of the first antiques show in the Round Top area in 1967, brought people together from all over the country and various parts of the world.  In 2000, Warrenton’s population was 65, and for some reason no census data for 2010. Round Top’s population was 80 in the 2010 census. Guesstimate for the traffic Antique Week brings to these normally quiet parts of Texas balloons to over 100,000, according to the magazine that caters to the shows during this time – The show daily

If you would rather have an aerial view, then take a look at this!

We have been showing at this event off and on for 20 years. The first time we set up down there was in the Bluebonnet Field with Carol and Travis. Wonderful people. We were amazed at the traffic that came to this sleepy little area, along Texas Highway 237. Warrenton Texas is about halfway along the stretch of 237 from LaGrange Texas to Carmine Texas, where Highway 237 joins up with US 290. Today, there are shows all along that route.


slipcovers and sham
slipcovers and sham


Over the course of these last 20 years, we have been in fields we really liked and did well at during the show. Then, as often is the case, life happens. Events occur that require change. That being the case, when we left the Blue Bonnet field, we came back to Antique Week at the newly set up Bar W field – great people there and had a great spot right up front along 237. But my fathers looming death one year, meant giving up the spot so we could visit him one last time. When we came back, we were able to set up at the relatively new show called Marburger Farm that John Saul had started. We stayed there for 3-4 shows. We had a lot of friends that were already there, and several others joined in during the time we were there. We met a lot of great people, some are still good friends today.

After that, friends that we met in our travels, who also set up at Marburger to promote the vendors they had in their antique mall – Hillcrest Antiques, along I35 in New Braunfels – ended up purchasing the Warrenton Inn. The name changed to Hillcrest Inn, a sought after B&B during the show, and also developed the area behind the Inn for vendors to set up. Though the eventual layout is a vast improvement to what was originally there, it fell short of the owner’s vision. When you have to put a pencil to cost vs. return, you sometimes have to change the vision. We applaud Pam and Robert Bryant for the changes they were able to provide – covered pavillions with concrete and decking, side tarps to protect from the frequent storms that blow through, lights, electricity, and fans. Also on site, are showers and a washer/dryer area to help vendors during the 10 day show.

Of course, Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic, has loved coming to Antique Week for many years, and has established a business for herself in Round Top – The Prairie .

This spring, another change has occured for us, and as luck would have it, we were able to get into the La Bahia show at the Carmine end of the Texas 237 route. Its in and around a wonderful old Dance Hall run by Carol and Roy Schmidt. This will be our first time showing there and we are very excited. We have friends that have been setting up there since the show first opened. It is on the east side of Round Top, and is one of the very first antique shows that you meet coming in from Brenham, just west of the split at US 290 and Texas 237. We invite you to stop by and experience this wonderful, relatively small show for the area. It has plenty of parking and more bang for the buck than most of the other shows during Antique Week, including the big ones in Round Top. Please let them know Junk Exchange invited you.

There are plenty of other sites to see and experience – for any fans of HGTV shows, the Junk Gypsy family is there in Round Top and Joanna Gaines of the Fixer Upper loves to come to Antique Week and shop.


Non-junker attractions include, but certainly are not limited to the two I am about to mention, are :

Royer’s Cafe – if you have a taste for good food and a sweet tooth, your visit won’t be complete without giving Bud and his family a chance.




The International-Festival Institute at Round Top for the culture minded is worth the trip just in itself.  Amazing grounds and buildings host wonderful musical delights.

Festivalnstitute Poster
Festival lnstitute Poster
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Tupelo bound…..

Will be going to the Tupelo Furniture Market – here – at the end of this month with a friend. The show is from February 25th-February 28th.   Our first time exhibiting there, but we are looking forward to it.  This will be the second market exposure for our pillow shams and we will be bringing along some of our new designs, including some throw pillows.  Friends we have asked about it, have nothing but praises for the show and keep telling us we better be ready to work around the clock getting orders out…. some of the stores buy for the whole year just at this market.

As with any ‘new’ market, we are always second guessing what to do.. what and how many to take? will it be enough? will they like our designs?  So many questions.  We will do our best.  That’s all we can do, and for now it is enough.

We will be joining the rep who has been selling our muslin and burlap line for over a year now.  He has been setting up at home decor shows promoted by different venues all over Texas and into Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  These include a Country Living Fair, Vintage Market Days, Junk Hippy, Canton’s First Monday, City Farmhouse, and more I am probably forgetting about right now.

We will be continuing our two shows during Antique Week here in the beautiful Round Top area of Texas for our spring and fall shows.  This year we are making a change from the show at Hillcrest Inn in Warrenton to the La Bahia show east of Round Top in the Burton/Carmine area along State Highway 237.   Hope to see you there!

Wish us luck….