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Our online store will be featuring products made by our own hand right here in waco, texas usa .. we love rescuing salvage whether architectural or furnishings .. we enjoy re-imagining uses ..to all of the things we make,  we add estate treasures and flea market finds – our creations include muslin dining chair slipcovers, muslin & burlap pillow shams, hand sewn lampshades, wood mosaic table tops, victorian molding frames, vintage inspired signs & enlarged victorian era postcards of all occasions..we are junk exchange .. please visit our facebook page and give us a like!

8 thoughts on “Junk Exchange

  1. Hi, I just gave you a “like” on Facebook. I also looked at your Facebook page and you seem to have a lot of awesome worthy stuff there.

    Is there anything that you wouldn’t like to exchange? Does it have to be antique or Victorian etc, and does it have to be home decor items? Do you accept electrical goods too?


    1. Hi Ray – thanks for checking us out. Basically, we like anything that was or could be converted to household use. As far as electrical, there are lots of wonderful lighting items – from table lamps to chandeliers that are still very useful today. Fans are still collectible, and some of the earlier all brass fans are quite breathtaking in their design. The Deco era brought style and design to basic kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee pots. We prefer home decor items, but new decorating styles – especially industrial – include items from old windmills to gigantic machine parts and chains. We have friends in Houston that have created lighting elements from old truck parts, canoes, and even wings off of an airplane. Other friends in Michigan have used old railroad platform carts as bed frames for twin beds. At this point, we really are only limited by our imaginations. We hope you continue to follow us as we highlight not only our designs, but those that are created by people we follow around the world.

  2. Your works brings back the good old days into my memory. I love how you make salvage check out counter to look so cool even though it’s a juxtapose of different materials. Overall the counter looks fantastic!
    Can you post some of your facebook pictures here in your website? It would make it look so great.

    1. Thanks for going to look at our FB page. We will definitely be adding more pics of all the items we make, re-purpose, and also we will spotlight friends of ours that create other amazing items. We hope you check back often and tell all your friends about us.

  3. Do you have vintage gillette razors? I am a newly converted wet shaving enthusiast and I am looking for a good vintage razor to use.

    It can be any vintage razor. I would like to see a safety razor or a straight razor. Do you handle international shipping? I live in Indonesia.

    1. Thanks for asking. We have been shipping internationally since 1998, so that’s not a problem. We currently don’t have any razors in stock – if you have seen a picture of one or two that is a style you like, please send them to our email – info@abrdesigngroup.com, and we will be on the lookout for you. We have 3 big antique shows we are setting up at in the next 5 weeks. We will probably see quite a few.

  4. Hi there,
    So how does it work, a junk exchange? I’m curious… do you go out searching for buried treasures at thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, and the like? Or, do people bring YOU their unwanted items?
    And then, do you re-purpose it into something interesting and sell-able? Or do people have requests for you to make something in particular?
    Interesting subject!

    1. Hi Marlaine, Thanks for taking a look. The simple answer is all of the above, though we get very little of people just bringing us items – they generally like to get money. It is a lot of fun and we are always learning about new collectibles and more about the items we picked up. If ever in Waco, please stop by the store, and say hello.

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