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Troy Rash and Rod Billings – a friend introduced us back in 1988, very shortly after Troy’s Birthday.  Troy was born and raised in Central Texas and hasn’t strayed far.  Rod was born in a small town in Illinois – home of Carl Sandburg – Galesburg.

We are 50s/60s something, dreamers, creators, writer (Troy is definitely the writer) . Made a decision to take charge of our health and lives. Making the changes we need to create the life we want and deserve.
We have traveled many roads together, as vendors in many antique and collectible shows through and around almost a dozen states.
Though we still are drawn to antiques and collectibles, as with any business, times change. We were among the first in our area of Central Texas to find and sell on Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and Etsy. The internet has changed most businesses, and the change to the one we had been involved in changed quickly too. We continued as a side endeavor, while we took on the challenges of property management. We found we excelled in that area as well.
We changed again in 2009, and started our current business of Junk Exchange. We manufacture and wholesale a line of home decor and vintage inspired products. Our desire to learn marketing and SEO, brought us another new adventure.
We intend to develop this new enterprise in tandem with our current business. We welcome any and all to follow us and help us along the way. We will do the same.

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Thanks. Rod and Troy

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