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EVOKE Magazine French country living room decorating ideas

EVOKE magazine

We discovered this wonderful publication when a story about our friends from California were featured in the first issue. French country living room


decorating ideas highlighted with professional, phenomenal pictures of French country living rooms and patios and bedrooms and staircases, and and and……..

This magazine, EVOKE,  is brimming with wonderful photos and well written articles. As the name implies, images that bring to life, thoughts that vintage life bring to mind. Great read for any decorator or individual that wants terrific tips and possibilities for implementing vintage with today’s lifestyle and decor. Thanks to Morgan Jane Miller and Bill Miller for putting this together for all of us to enjoy.

We can’t imagine anyone in the business we are in, that would hesitate to have a home like the one pictured above.  If you want to get info on how to do it, don’t forget to check them out in the links below!

 To get your hard copy HERE or if you are in a big hurry, you can get a digital version HERE !

If you have any questions, please go to the area below to ask, comment or suggest.

Thanks, Rod and Troy

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