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Follow up leads

As you know, we just finished doing the La Bahia show during antique week.  Now to follow up on all the leads we gathered during the show.

Going to work on all our orders first and then getting the work done for more orders.  It will be great to convert all these wonderful contacts into continuing orders for us.  It would mean doing just this show twice a year, instead of chasing all over the country promoting what our workshop is capable of doing.

We are also getting with our joint venture people to develop a better compensation package and design better displays and packaging for better results at the shows they do.  We are going to be working on an affiliate program for those that blog and have their own websites that like our style and our products.

So if you know of anyone or know of a store, please let us know the name and how to get in touch with them.  Or feel free to send them or tell them our info.


Thanks, Rod and Troy





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