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La Bahia Show during Antique Week in Texas

We survived our first show at the La Bahia venue in and around the old La Bahia Hall in Burton Texas.  It is a relatively small venue with around 100 spaces and 60 vendors.  First stop on your right as you enter Texas 237 off US290 arriving from Brenham from the east.


Antique Week in Texas is a bit of a misnomer, as many of the fields have vendors selling their wares for over three weeks.  The shows stretch from just outside of Brenham along US 290, into Carmine (pronounce car- mean).  If you back up a little the main attractions are all along Texas State Highway 237 almost into LaGrange on the other end.

Now 237 is a small relatively un-traveled road except for commercial trucks and the local ranchers  Round Top and Warrenton boast a combined 100 residents give or take a few.  Residents of Fayette county, don’t even pass the 25,000 mark – except during the Spring and Fall Antique week.  During those two events the attendance of the shows can bring in 100,000 plus visitors and vendors.  We invade the beautiful Fayette County countryside like a swarm of locusts.

This La Bahia show was our first time to set up and the first time to even step foot on the grounds.  We have attended Antique Week festivities for over 15 years, but had never made it to this wonderful show.  The people we met here were warm, friendly and helpful – these were the other vendors and the show promoters Carol and Roy Schmidt and their daughter Courtney.

The customers that came to this field – some of whom have shopped with us in the other fields – almost to person vowed their allegiance to La Bahia, claiming it has always been their favorite and would never miss it.  And to my surprise, there were a large number of customers who were arriving to Antique Week for the very first time.  Customers came in from all around the US and many international visitors as well.

We had the best time and met great people – people we hope will come back to see us often.  Needless to say, but it has also become our favorite, and one we will never miss again.


Rod and Troy


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