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Refining our product line

Over the years, our first product – the one we could replicate – has been our reproduction post cards.  Old Victorian post cards that we mount on a 6×9″ board.  Old images. We have collected probably over a million, and saved digitally thousands of these wonderful old images.


Many of our re-purposed items involved adding upholstery.  We have turned end tables and coffee tables into tufted benches.  We have taken small serving tables and chest on legs into entry benches.  Two of our customer favorites are old metal gliders and army cots.

army cot upgrade
army cot upgrade


glider upgrade
glider upgrade

These were the first type of furniture we did pillows and slip covers for.  One of a kind – in the biz we are in these are referred to as OOAK – that were designed for and around the piece we were working on.  Very few of the pillows and slipcovers that we did then were ever re-created.  There were similarities, but each piece of furniture inspired the design we came up with to re-purpose it.

Our goal should have been making money perhaps, but in reality was about creating.  As long as we were making enough money to pay the bills and buy food along the way, we were happy and satisfied with the results.  We started getting more serious about this a few years back when Troy finally decided to quit smoking.

The change of that habit and lack of good eating habits and little exercise, led to Type II diabetes for him.  It ran in his family as well as mine.  I was luckier.  When I quit 20 years earlier, my lifestyle at the time, allowed for eating healthier, and physical work that kept me from developing diabetes.  I was lucky.

Because fabric has been involved in so many of our early projects, it evolved into producing lampshades, pillow shams, and slip covers.  Our current best selling shams are the muslin and burlap shams – muslin base with a burlap patch.  We block print designs and sayings on the burlap patch.  The bee design was the very first design we made….. it didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but within a few hours, we realized how to make it work.  That was in the fall of 2009.

first design
first design

The bee design is a Victorian inspired theme.  That era used many designs inspired by plants and animals that were a part of every day life.

Our designs are vintage inspired.  We are adding to each style and line on a weekly basis.  Our OOAK line of Prairie Primitive , is a tea dyed, been in a cedar chest for 50+ years, one of a kind (sometimes pair, if we find matching vintage linens to use), look.

sample 1001
sample 1001

prairieprim1014 prairieprim1015

We also have a line we call our scrapbook pillows – to mimic the enormous hobby of scrapbooking.

scrapbook samples scrapbook1021 scrapbook1013

And we have our line of Holiday throw pillows

Dancing Rabbits
Dancing Rabbits

and here is an example of a re-do on a pair of 8′ doors:







As always, if you have a question, comment or request, please leave us a comment below.


8 thoughts on “Refining our product line

  1. This is a very warm website. I like how you incorporated a little about yourself into the content.

    Now we know we don’t have to throw anything away. We can have it redone so that it looks new again.

    I’ll definitely recommend this site to anyone who has something that needs a touch up.

    1. Hi Alicia – Thank you for your input. Yes, you can recycle and update most everything. We have done many memory projects for customers – like custom teddy bears from an article of clothing of a loved one. Another one that is close to home, is a pillow we did for our cousin – she sent her Mom’s cheer leading sweater from high school, along with a couple pics of the other cheer leaders. We incorporated it all on a pillow that can be on display for years to come. Come back often and definitely bring your friends… Thanks, Rod and Troy

  2. Fascinating! You guys are so talented. My wife would and I would love to get her hands on some of this stuff. Love the retro, artistically antique look about it all and the photos were great to look through. Do you sell the post cards and other products? Have a showroom or online catalog somewhere?

    1. Hi Peter – thank you for taking a look and for the compliments. We sell mostly at shows – we also have reps that sell at other shows. We have a small space at a mall here in Waco now, and we are negotiating on a space here that will be our showroom. This site will have a complete catalog available for sale soon. We are getting the ‘bugs’ worked out. We have over 100 different products we have designed and sell. We also wholesale if you know anyone in your area that has a store. Please check back and see the progress we are making. Rod and Troy

  3. Wow I really really love your shams and throw pillows. You have some great stuff here. It’s amazing you can take people’s things and repurpose with such beautiful tasteful and useful projects. I mean these things can really be heirlooms and cherished pieces for people. Wonderful stuff thank you for sharing your vision and purpose.

    1. Hi Maria – we really appreciate the compliments. We have a lot of fun coming up with the designs we make. We hope that the custom items we create for our customers really do end up being heirlooms. Thank you for taking the time to write. We hope you come back often to see what else we have done. Rod and Troy

  4. The human mind has limitless creativity. Even those that most of us consider as antique and would probably throw away would be such an elegant masterpiece if redefined. You have shown how vast human ideas are in terms of imagination and conceptualization. It brings out the best of an aged property. Great idea.

    1. Hi Paul – thank you for looking and taking the time to comment. We appreciate you sharing your experience. We do love the challenge of re-purposing items. Please come back and visit us again. Rod and Troy

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